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Mind Mapping Software Tutorials

Launched this week on Biggerplate is a brand new area dedicated to mind mapping tutorials to help you get the most out of your chosen mind map software!

The new Tutorials area features a series of progressive two-minute tutorial videos, which aim to help people get to grips with their chosen mind map software quickly and easily, from basic 'Getting Started' steps, through to more complex features and functionality.

We're really excited to launch this new section of the site, and think it will be hugely beneficial to our community as we develop it further, and bring new content into the respective software sections. You can expect to see new tutorials added each week, as we look to explore more advanced features for each supported software on Biggerplate!

Over the last couple of years, some of the most important feedback we have had from members of our community is that we could do more to help people who are new to mind mapping, and who may not know or understand much about the world of mind mapping software, or mind maps in general. The new Tutorials area is a significant and positive step towards providing better guidance for people who are new to mapping, and we hope that over time, it will become a go-to resource for anyone needing to learn more about particular aspects of mind mapping, and/or mind map software!

If you like the tutorials, then please share them in your favourite social networks, to help make more people aware of the great new resource that is being compiled to help them!

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