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Mind Map Groups - New on Biggerplate!

What a busy 2012 we are having!

We're excited to launch the new Groups feature on Biggerplate that enables you to gather together maps related to particular areas of interest!

This is just the Beta version of Groups, but this is a great foundation upon which to build some amazing new features that are going to enable Biggerplate users to come together to share their experiences, learning, and mind maps around subjects that interest them.

Here are a few of the groups that have been created so far:

Software Groups:

Official MindManager User Group

Official iMindMap User Group

Official XMind Group

Official MindGenius User Group

Language Groups:

Mindmaps francophones

Mapas mentales en español

Mind Mapping in het Nederlands

Mind Mapping auf Deutsch

Interest Groups:

Mind Maps for Writers

Mind Maps for Creativity

Business Development mind maps

Mind Maps for Student Success

Book Mind Maps

Mind Mapping for Decision Making

Twitter Mind Maps

Once you join a group, you can contribute maps to the Group Pool, or you could create your own group related to a particular subject or area of interest! Take a look now and see what you can find! Groups Home.

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