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MindGenius Comes to Biggerplate!

As we edge closer to the end of a very busy year at Biggerplate, we thought it would be nice if Christmas came a little early for mind mappers around the world, so we have added full support for MindGenius to the library at Biggerplate! This means you can now add MindGenius maps to the library for others to view and download!

We are very excited to welcome MindGenius and their users to Biggerplate, especially as this has been highly requested by certain members of our community over the past six months! The focus on project management within the MindGenius business and user-base means we expect to see a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of map content in this area being shared on Biggerplate. As we continue to strengthen our position as a leading source of mind mapping content and community, our new partnership with the fantastic team at MindGenius represents another significant and exciting step in the right direction for Biggerplate and our members!

We are working closely with the team from MindGenius to bring you some great new map content over the next few months, and we hope their users will engage with us and become highly active members of our community. As Derek Jack, Director of MindGenius, said "MindGenius are looking forward to being a part of the Biggerplate community and we would encourage our users to take the opportunity to use this medium and share their own expertise, and gain fresh ideas on applying MindGenius."

We look forward to welcoming MindGenius users to Biggerplate, and we thank the team at MindGenius for their hard work and help in making this great new collaboration come to life!

If you have not yet tried out MindGenius, we encourage you to do so, and you can access a free 30 day trial here.

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