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Mind Maps for reading and writing: Roger C Parker at Biggerplate Unplugged!

Just 16 days until Biggerplate Unplugged in New York, and author Roger C Parker is the latest addition to an all-star line up for the mind map conference!

Roger will be speaking about Mind mapping for readers and writers in New York, and promises to help you get the most out of the books you read, andhelp you with the book you want to write! Roger is author of more than 40 books that have sold over 1.6 million copies around the world! Roger shares tips and advice for authors at Published & Profitable. Ahead of his presentation at Biggerplate Unplugged, we asked him a few questions...

What excites you about joining Biggerplate Unplugged in New York?

The opportunity to expand my mind mapping horizons by learning from experts who have fresh examples, perspectives, shortcuts, and tips.

I view mind mapping as a continuous learning experience. And, I find that the more I'm exposed to fresh insights, the more efficient I become.

Plus, of course, the opportunity for face-to-face meeting with mind mapping experts who I've never met in person before!

Can you give us an idea of what you'll be presenting about at the conference?

I'm looking forward to sharing the many ways that mind mapping can help readers learn and retain more from the books they read, especially books that directly impact their day-to-day activities.

In addition, I want to show authors how mind mapping can help them save time planning their books, evaluating the competition, and tracking their progress. During the presentation I'll be showing how I planned and wrote a popular book
in less than six hours!

Most important, I want to help authors build anticipation for their book while they writing it, building towards a successful and long-lived book launch.

At one time, writing, publishing, and marketing were distinct disciplines. Now, the borders have disappeared and mind mapping can help create a powerful synergy.

Why would you encourage other mind map users to join the conference?

Because, "routine" without inspiration and fresh ideas soon turns to boredom. I suspect that few mind map users take advantage of all the power built into their mind mapping software.

Exposure to new ideas, whether in formal presentations or during casual conversations with other users, mind mappers will gain a new respect for their software and be inspired to put their new knowledge to work.

Just one idea can make a huge difference--although I suspect attendees will leave with dozens of new ideas and resources to explore.

What one topic (other than your own) would you most like to see discussed at the New York conference?

I'd like to see attention paid to the topic of branding mind maps, in particular, creating custom icons and backgrounds.

Even if I don't create the icons and backgrounds myself, I need to know how to give specific instructions (image sizes, resolution, file formats) to freelance designers to create the icons and backgrounds for me.

Backgrounds, especially, are a problem, i.e., the scaling and tiling that goes on as maps get larger.

Join Roger, the Biggerplate team, and a host of mind mapping experts and users at Biggerplate Unplugged in New York on 10 March 2016.

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