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Mind Mapping in the Supply Chain Industry

Following his excellent articles on, and as a follow-up to his excellent Business Club webinar in July, we got in touch with Martijn Lofvers to find out more about how he benefits from mind mapping in all aspects of his career in Supply Chain Management. Here is a sneak peak of his webinar "Strategy Mapping, visualising the winner's cycle".

Martijn Lofvers is founder of Supply Chain Media, the Dutch Supply Chain Magazine (in 2006) and the European quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement (in 2011). He is a regular speaker on the topic of Supply Chain Strategy Mindmapping at international conferences.

Tell us a bit more about how you work with mind maps..

Supply Chain Media has created mind maps for areas such as innovative order management and Global Logistics Integration - you can read more on our blog. Over the years, my team and I have developed several innovative content formats about supply chain management, such as:

 Subway Maps with vendors in supply chain

 Mind Maps

 Self-Assessments

 Check-lists

 A Supply Chain Map of Europe

In addition, I regularly work with the IMD Business School, helping students with Sales and Operations Planning as part of their MBA course, and I have provided many great mind maps as resources for them.

Indeed, with my team I have created and published quite some mind maps. In general, they have developed these with (commercial) partners with a certain domain expertise.

Next to these I have done several in-house workshops with multinationals (like PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson and Office Depot). [These mind maps are for internal use].

I have also written an extensive management article about my framework of strategy mindmapping in 2013.

Here is an example of a mind map which he co-created with IMD Business School (co-created with IMD Business School), and also a great look at this ethical supply chain mind map (co-created with UCLA University).

We were delighted to welcome Martijn and his credible experience of using mind maps in supply chain management for our Business Club webinar! Thanks for the great insights, Martijn!

Are you using mind maps in supply chain management at all? Get in touch and share your story with us!

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