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2 Places left for October productivity workshop!

If you're looking for ways to maximise your productivity at work, then mind mapping should be at the heart of your approach, and we can help you get there! Join us for our next 'Mind Mapping for Business Productivity' workshop taking place in Oxfordshire on October 6th!

With just two places remaining, there's not long left to grab your spot for this lively and interactive half day workshop from Biggerplate, for just £49 per person! Our training sessions are firmly grounded in the practical realities of daily business life, and based on our own extensive experience, and the learning we have gathered over many years from our global mind mapping community!

Come join us in the Oxfordshire countryside for an afternoon that will set you on the road to more effective working using mind maps!

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Mind Mapping for Business Productivity

What you'll learn

During your half-day with us, you will learn the following:

  • A simple four stage process to enable effective management of time and tasks
  • How to create a powerful dashboard mind map to manage your daily working
  • The basic principles of effective mind mapping
  • The key features and benefits of mind mapping software

What's included?

  • Free 'PLUS' membership at
  • All workshop materials and equipment
  • Refreshments throughout the afternoon

Additional information

  • You do not need to bring anything with you for this workshop
  • Our workshops have a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring personal and focused attention throughout
  • We're happy to discuss mind mapping software, and provide an overview, but there is no software 'sales pitch' and we will simply provide you with a number of possible software options to explore further if you wish to do so

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