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London Mind Map Training Workshop: 19 Jan

So the weekend is almost here, we're halfway through January, and no doubt those New Year resolutions are holding strong and you're more in control of your work (and the world in general) than ever before. Of course you are. You rock star. But in case you wanted to up your rock-stariness even further, perhaps you might like to join us next week in London for our Mind Mapping for Business Productivity workshop, which is taking place on Tuesday 19th January, and has just a few places left! (View details here)

This lively one day workshop covers a wealth of practical tips and approaches to help you clarify your personal and business priorities, map out clear plans of action, then effectively keep everything moving forward using a mind map dashboard. If you're one of these people who needs to continually juggle multiple projects, tasks, and people at any one stage (ever tried actually juggling people... it's tough), then this is the mind map training course for you!

The contents of the workshop are based upon our own extensive learning and experience in running a busy global business, and working with many other businesses of all shapes and sizes. We also have the benefit of calling upon the learning and insights we have gathered from our worldwide mind mapping community over the last decade!

In case you needed any further reason to duck out of the 3 hour boss-drone meeting on Tuesday, then how about this: Our workshop costs just £139 per person, which is probably the best value mind map training out there! Don't believe us? Go look around... you'll be amazed.

So, take control of your workload this year like never before, and kick information overload to the curb. Join Biggerplate Team in Central London on Tuesday 19th January for what promises to be another cracking day exploring better ways to manage our work using mind maps!

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Can't make it to London? Why not check out our NEW range of e-learning courses for XMind, MindManager, MindMeister, and iMindMap users! View details

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