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Mind Map Showcase: What FM's Do

In this article we're drawing attention to this outstanding mind map from Martin Pickard, detailing the role of the modern facility manager.

In his description of this map, Martin references the fact that people often only see the "tip of the facilities iceberg". He therefore created this map to detail the full remit of the facilities manager and outline the complexity of the role, which covers many technical disciplines and requires a wide range of competences.

Not only does this map provide and interesting insight into the world of facilities management in the form of an easily assimilable mind map, but its creation and development serves as a neat illustration of the adaptability of mind maps: Martin has been continually updating this mind map since 2006 to "capture the continued evolution of the profession and to make use of the improved functionality of mind mapping software".

Thanks to Martin for sharing this terrific map with us and enlightening us on the role of the facilities manager!

To download this mind map, click here.

This mind map was created using iMindMap. To learn more about iMindMap, click here.

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