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Mind Map Showcase: The Triggers of World War II

In this article, we're looking at one of the most popular History mind maps shared on Biggerplate, all about the build up to World War II and the triggers that led to the conflict.

This mind map outlines 8 major considerations that led to the eventual declaration of war in 1939, detailing the specifics within each one and how it contributed to the outbreak. As a result, it is an ideal revision mind map for History students looking to refresh their memories and easily recall key points, events and dates that they may need during exams.

As a woeful History student myself back in the day, I am a huge advocate of the use of mind maps in education as whole, and especially in content rich subjects like History. By mapping my GCSE History syllabus in the run up to my exams, my retention of information improved drastically, taking me from a 'D' student in my mock exams (before I'd started mapping), to an 'A' student just 2 months later!

Download this Triggers of World War II mind map now and see if it can't help your revision to become more effective and more enjoyable!

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