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Mind Map Showcase: The Now Habit

For this week's showcase, we're looking at one of the earliest mind maps shared on Biggerplate, and one of the most popular! Created by Biggerplate member lucianop, this mind map - The Now Habit - has accrued more than 60,000 views and nearly 10,000 downloads!

This mind map, shared in our Personal Improvement Mind Map Library, summarises Neil Fiore's excellent book of the same name. It seeks to help you overcome procrastination and enjoy guilt free play! It would also therefore be right at home in our Productivity or Getting Things Done mind map libraries. This mind map was created using MindManager mind mapping software

By identifying how and why we procrastinate and providing solutions to overcome your own procrastination at home and work, this mind map is sure to set you on a path to better productivity.

Download this mind map now to help you improve your working habits, by clicking here!

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This mind map was created using MindManager from Mindjet. To learn more about MindManager, click here.

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