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Mind Map Showcase: Pride & Prejudice Character Analysis

This week, we're looking at a mind map from our Literature Mind Map Library. Here, the characters from Jane Austen's classic novel, Pride & Prejudice, are summarised and analysed.

This mind map serves as an excellent companion for literature students studying Austen's iconic novel, as well as those who are simply reading it for pleasure and wish to have a useful prompt and/or insight in to the characters that they have come across.

I must confess that I am biased towards this mind map; it is one of my own... However, I share it with you for good reason: to illustrate the huge value of mind maps for literature students - or indeed students of any subject that involves the assimilation, analysis and evaluation of large bodies of text - as a means of breaking down weighty texts, extracting the key pieces of information, and presenting them in a way that is easy to refer to and revise from.

Certainly, this was a process I found immensely useful during my studies of subjects such as English literature, history and politics, as the body of knowledge needed to do well in these subjects was significant, and the sources from which this knowledge could be obtained were not as clear and concise as, say, scientific or mathematical subjects. In other words, the course content was more wordy!

And so I hope that this mind map will not only prove useful for those studying this wonderful piece of literature, but also as an example of how mind maps can help students to digest large amounts of content in a more manageable, enjoyable and memorable manner.

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