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Writing an Effective Performance Review with Mind Maps

If you are on Biggerplate, chances are you will see that we have a huge number of 'Business' focused mind maps shared!

Every day I am discovering and learning more about all layers and aspect of business, and I have seen several mind maps for Performance Reviews on the site, which triggered my decision to write about how mind maps are an effective tool for performance reviews.

Regular performance reviews are valuable for both the employee and the employer, giving the employer the opportunity to give constructive feedback to ensure their business is operating the best it can. Despite most people dreading their performance review, it also allows the employer to give praise for a job well done, guidance for what an employee is doing wrong, and have an open discussion about the future of the company and the potential for employee growth.

The important thing to remember about writing or delivering a performance review is to make it comprehensive. Using a mind map can help you to achieve this, by having your key points and processes organised effectively.

Here is a useful iMindQ mind map to help organise all relevant scores and data of your employees performance review, containing all information about the process of appraisal, previous reviews, communication type, training requirements and future recommendations for improvement, which could be linked to the employee’s dossier for further reference.

You can download it for free and use the headings on each branch as triggers for discussion. What's really great about this particular template, is that you can use the 'ratings' function to keep track of your employees performance and progress.

If you are stuck for questions, or want a better way of presenting your desired questions, use this performance appraisal agenda to evaluate the performance of an employee. The questions on each branch offer an opportunity for a manager and their subordinate to have a one to one discussion on important work issues. Both participants can add to the map and have access for future reference.

Equally, try this mind map template , which covers a review of an employee's first 3 months in the workplace.

Using the many mind maps available on Biggerplate for your performance reviews means you can:

  • Involve all team members in your performance reviews: colleagues and teams can contribute to the mind map simultaneously- particularly with a tool like Mind Meister.

  • Discover connections and correlations: Mind maps help visualise links between seemingly unrelated items and provide a bird’s eye view of problems and opportunities to address with a particular client.

  • Adapt as you go along: Mind maps are flexible and can easily be edited and updated during subsequent performance review meetings.

Have you used mind maps for performance reviews or appraisals? Don't forget to share your mind maps with us!

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