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Mind Map Showcase: Diversity in Animals

In this week's 'Mind Map Showcase' article, we're shining a light on one of our favourite mind maps and one of our favourite educational mappers! Daniel Tay has shared some truly stunning mind maps on Biggerplate! Both we and our members love his maps for both their impressive, eye-catching creativity, and for their superb educational content.

This "Diversity in Animals" mind map is the most popular of Daniel's maps on Biggerplate, and with good reason!

Filled with buckets of information about animal classifications, habitats, nutrition, reproduction and more, we think this mind map should be pinned up in classrooms everywhere!

This mind map (and all of Daniel's maps) serve as a wonderful illustration of how mapping can be effectively utilised to improve children's learning and overall education. I can confidently say that, had I had mind maps like this to learn from when I was at school, I would likely have been a much better student and been more engaged by those subjects that perhaps I struggled in.

So, students & teachers everywhere: why not try mapping your curriculum in this way, and see if you can't improve engagement, interest and the overall quality of yours or your student's education!?

A huge thank you to Daniel for sharing this and all of his other mind maps, and for his continued work in education! You can view all of Daniel's other great mind maps by clicking here.

You can download this mind map by clicking here.

This mind map was created using iMindMap. To learn more about iMindMap, click here.

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