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Mind Map Showcase: 22 Low/No Cost Things You Can Do to Help a Person with Dementia

This week we're looking at a wonderful and important mind map shared on Biggerplate, detailing 22 things you can do to help a person with dementia. This mind map was created and shared by Dr. George Huba - an expert in the field of cognitive decline, memory loss and dementia. Dr. Huba does some fascinating and incredibly valuable work using mind maps in this arena, helping to increase the visibility and development of mind mapping amongst health care providers, researchers, patients, clients and family care givers.

This particular mind map, we think, is a great way of raising awareness of the sort of every day challenges that dementia sufferers can come up against, whilst also providing simple, effective ways for regular people (non-medically trained) to help them.

From helping a dementia sufferer with their planning and organisation to driving them where they want to go, there are plenty of ways we can all help, so download this mind map to see how you can make a difference to someone near you!

For more great mind maps from Dr Huba, check out his profile on Biggerplate by clicking here. To learn more about his work, head to his website:

This mind map was created using iMindMap. To learn more about iMindMap, click here.

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