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Mind Map Showcase: 10 Reasons People Resist Change

Today, we're shining the spotlight on a mind map created and shared by one of Biggerplate's most prolific and popular contributors, Tarek Fahmy.

His mind map, "10 Reasons People Resist Change" currently has over 10,000 views and 1,200 downloads and with good reason! Not only is this mind map very visually engaging, but it also provides a remedy action for each of the ten reasons why people resist change, making it a very valuable mind map for managers, team leaders, HR personnel and many more who may be leading a change within their organisation.

For more superb mind maps by Tarek, check out his profile on Biggerplate!

You can download this Change Management mind map by clicking here. You can also find more great Change Management mind maps by heading over to our Change Management mind map library!

This mind map was created using iMindMap. To learn more about iMindMap, click here.

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