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Mind Map Showcase - Mastering Your Email

In this article we're drawing attention to this outstanding mind map detailing the ways in which you can organise Outlook Emails.

Do you ever open your inbox and just don't know where to start?! Then this mind map is the solution for you!

One of our most popular downloaded mind maps (over 5000 downloads!) contains some great tips that can help make Outlook work better for you in terms of managing your email. These tips are useful for anyone looking to manage their email and their time in order to more effectively get things done!

Not only does this map provide an interesting insight into the world of Outlook and productivity but its creation and development serves as a neat illustration of how mind mapping can be used as a great tool for 'getting things done'.

Thanks to JRadcliffe for sharing this terrific map with us and enlightening us on the ways we can handle our inbox better!

To download this mind map, click here.

This mind map is just one of the many examples of productivity and 'getting things done' mind maps we have available for free download!

This mind map was created using MindManager. To learn more about MindManager, click here.

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