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Mind Map Showcase: The Structure of DNA

In this mind map showcase article, we're looking at an excellent Science mind map, shared in the Biggerplate library, on "The Structure of DNA".

Created and shared by the team at MindGenius, this mind map provides handy, quick, key information on DNA's double helix structure and its composition.

By usefully combining the inherent structure of the mind map with diagrams from the source material, students (and teachers!) can easily absorb, process and recall the (written) information in the map and further enhance their understanding by referencing the images attached to the relevant subtopics in the map.

Mind maps are an exceptional tool for aiding student's learning and revision due to the improved recall associated with information presented in mind map form - in other words, mind maps are easier to remember than blocks of text!!

Students can create maps around any and all of their subjects at school, making the learning process more manageable and more fun! Simple, visually engaging mind maps like this one are also great to print out and pin to study walls for quick reference.

Download this map now!

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This mind map was created using MindGenius. To learn more about MindGenius, click here.

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