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Mind Map Showcase: Get Things Done - Process Made Easy

This week, we're looking at this superb mind map from Erick Montero, providing a quick and easy way to "work better & smarter and process daily tasks and projects more efficiently".

Erick's "Get Things Done - Process Made Easy" map has had nearly 3,500 views and 300 downloads, and with good reason!

Drawing on David Allen's "Getting Things Done" philosophy, this map provides a template to take tasks from conception to completion in 4 simple steps, allowing you to clear your To-Do list quickly and methodically.

By "capturing", "processing", "organising" and "reviewing" all of your tasks and projects, you can obtain a clear view of what needs to be done (including the actionable steps along the way) and the logical order in which to tackle them.

A big thanks to Erick for this great contribution - one of many - to the mind map library!

Download this map for yourself and see if it can't help you to become more productive at work and at home!

This mind map was created using iMindMap. To learn more about iMindMap click here.

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