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Mind Map Showcase: Biggerplate Business Plan Template

Today, we wanted to share one of our own mind maps with you all! A recent upload from the Biggerplate team, this Business Plan Template mind map provides you with a blank canvas on which to build out and develop your own business plan.

Providing useful prompts and suggestion for what should be included in your business plan, this mind map will help you ensure you cover all bases and don't miss any vital information; particularly useful if this is your first time drafting a business plan!

Creating a business plan in mind map form allows you to quickly and clearly see:

  • Where areas of your plan may be weaker than others
  • Where you might be missing vital information
  • How different components of your plan relate to each other

Also, importantly, filling out this mind map template as a means of building your business plan helps to remove the potentially daunting nature of writing a business plan from scratch by giving you all the starting points you need, in an easy to assimilate format.

Download this Biggerplate Business Plan Template and start building out the total picture for your business!

This mind map was created using MindMeister. To learn more about MindMeister, click here.

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