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Member Story: Catherine Franz

Our Member Story for this month features life and business coach Catherine Franz, who has been a prolific contributor of great mindmap content to the library at Biggerplate ever since joining in June 2009.

Catherine has been a long-standing user of mind mapping, and credits her extensive academic achievements to the approach she learned back in school, where she went from being "a poor student to an A student in a few weeks" thanks to some mind mapping techniques she was taught by a friend. This is no doubt a story that many people can relate to, and my own experience at University certainly reflects the same sort of performance shift (due to mind mapping) that Catherine describes.

Over the years Catherine has used mind mapping for almost every possible scenario, including speech preparation, planning radio interviews, training managers and accounting staff, and preparing articles and ideas for her very popular blog at She also uses mapping extensively for planning her daily, weekly, monthly tasks and objectives, as well as her progress.

The appearance of decent computer-based mapping was therefore a great moment for Catherine, and she is a self confessed lover of MindManager from day one. Catherine says "MindManager makes mapping much easier. Being able to move an item from one side of the map to the other is so much easier than on paper! Being able to add hyperlinks and jump to those places still excites me. Everything is in one spot. When a client calls, I always have MindManager open on one of my monitors, I open the client dashboard map, and click through to remember the last communication, or status, etc."

Catherine truly places mapping at the forefront of much of her thinking and daily life, and as a result has built up a huge wealth of information in map format that she has been kind enough to share with us at Biggerplate. Over the last year Catherine has shared a great selection of her maps on the map library, and was delighted to have discovered our site last year whilst working with Mindjet ; "I got very excited. I had thousands of MMs at the time and thought some of them could possibly been of some use to others. 'What a great way to share' I thought then and I still do."

Catherine has certainly got into the spirit of the site, and has (to date) uploaded 16 maps and generated over 2000 downloads. Her most popular upload so far has been her "Plan for Developing a Success Mindset" but the range of topics covered by her maps includes advice for aspiring writers (40 Writing Ideas to Pull from Life), social media and online marketing advice (Online Tone of Voice) and general business know-how (Where to get endless referrals). You can view a full list of Catherine's maps at the end of this post, with links included.

When asked about the benefits of Biggerplate, Catherine summed it up better than we ever could; "Biggerplate connects and shares thinking and production. It helps others find answers to problems so they can make better decisions, and save themselves time in preparation". It is thanks to the contributions of people like Catherine that our map library has come to be such a great source of interesting and helpful content, and as always we remain extremely grateful to anyone who takes the time to upload a single map to our site, so we are of course 16 times as grateful to Catherine for her great series of maps! Catherine is a prime example of the open-minded and collaborative mentality that Biggerplate members seem to have, and it is a great source of pride for us to have created a community where so many people like Catherine come to share their great ideas and insights with others. Long may it continue.

We sincerely thank Catherine once again for agreeing to share her maps and her story with us at Biggerplate, and we encourage you to view her maps and visit her fantastic blog as soon as possible. You can also follow Catherine on Twitter (@CatherineFranz)

Mind Maps by Catherine Franz:

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