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Member Stories: Luciano Passuello

"I would never have found the maps that I have downloaded if it weren't for Biggerplate"

This month our member Story comes from Luciano Passuello, the ever popular blogger at Luciano has been mapping since the 1990s and has contributed a fantastic (and highly downloaded) series of book summary mindmaps to Biggerplate including "Getting to Yes", "The Now Habit" and "How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci". Luciano says "mind maps are a great way to summarize books - It avoids the problem of reading a whole book and not being able to remember it later" and he has written on this specific topic at Litemind.

In addition to creating great book summaries, Luciano also uses mapping to manage complex projects at work, obtain and explore new ideas, and plan and structure content for his blog - "every article I write starts first as a mind map". is all about exploring ways to use our minds efficiently, and Luciano views mapping as a "great way to engage your full brain on ideas - the visual aspect of it makes it engaging, fun and efficient".

Luciano was quick to join Biggerplate when we launched, and has been a great contributor and advocate of the site ever since, believing that the central library of maps has helped bring a collection of great content together in one place - "lots of people create many great maps, but they're all scatterend around the internet. I would never have found the maps that I have downloaded if it weren't for Biggerplate - the diversity of maps is really cool!"

We think so too, and it is because of people like Luciano that the map library has come to represent one of the most comprehensive and varied sources of mindmap content on the internet. We sincerely thank Luciano for his contributions and for taking the time to speak with us. You can follow Luciano on Twitter at, and we thoroughly recommend doing so!

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