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Member Stories: Chance Brown

"There is truly a mindmapping revolution going on and Biggerplate helps you see it."

For the first of our Member Stories, we spoke with Chance Brown, author of The Mindmap Blog, and a Learning & Development Specialist with SPX Corporation. Chance works on broad range of technology related learning projects and platforms including designing and developing SharePoint sites, managing online learning vendors, and producing WebEx Virtual Classroom meetings for the global enterprise.

The Mindmap Blog contains a wealth of information on visual mapping tools, resources and ideas, and quickly became a must-read source of information for the mind-mapping community upon launching in the summer of 2008. The blog explores mindmapping in business, education, and personal life, and also highlights approaches to innovation and productivity.

For Chance, one of the primary benefits of mindmapping is that it enables you to "see relationships that can not be seen in a linear construct" and hence also helps you to see both the 'big picture' and the component 'small pictures'. Having begun using mindmaps in 2000, Chance was initially using it for taking notes during meetings or to brainstorm an idea. However, as the software started to get better, he expanded his use of mindmapping to include "project management, document management, and strategic thinking".

Chance has contributed a fantastic set of 20 maps to Biggerplate since becoming a member in 2008, and has been a great advocate of the site since joining; "I think Biggerplate is a great place to get mindmaps for ideas on developing your own mindmaps. Additionally it is a great resource for understanding and exploring various business and educational topics". In terms of the maps he downloads from the map library, these tend to be productivity related mindmaps, education mindmaps, and some book review mindmaps.

In discussing how Biggerplate might be improved, Chance suggested regular Twitter updates in relation to new or interesting mindmap content on our site, and this is something we have begun to implement already on a regular basis. In addition, he feels there is a need to "emphasize that Biggerplate is about downloading and uploading mindmaps" and that we must "help people to understand that you contribute to the group and you get from the group. So, each user provides a benefit (upload a map) and gets a benefit (download someone else's map)". We couldn't agree more, and the challenge of encouraging more people to upload as well as download maps is something we are continually looking at here!

Chance is confident and optimistic that Biggerplate can continue to grow and serve as a great reference point for anyone with an interest in mindmapping, and believes that "there is truly a mindmapping revolution going on and Biggerplate helps you see it". We look forward to seeing more great content from Chance and The Mindmap Blog in the future, and thank him for taking the time to tell his story!

If you would like to hear more from Chance, why not follow him on Twitter!

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