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Manchester Workshop: 26 Jan 2017

Thanks for joining our mind mapping workshop in Manchester! We hope you found the session useful, and have already started to experiment with using some mind maps in your own working world.

Below you will find a number of links to help you build on the session, including access to the mind maps that we used during the workshop. You can also view details of our e-learning courses, and the Business Club. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate a member of the team!

Workshop Mind Maps

Workshop Overview Map: View Mind Map

SWOT Analysis Template: View Mind Map

Weekly Planner Template: View Mind Map

Meeting Planner (POST) Template: View Mind Map

Lessons Learned Template: View Mind Map

Business Club

If you're interested to learn more about the use of mind mapping in businesses of all shapes and sizes, then join up to the Biggerplate Business Club for a range of additional content and learning material. Join now and get your first year of membership for just £14.99 (normal price £24.99/Year). View details

E-learning Courses

Our online courses can help you get the most out of your mind mapping software. Use the discount code WORKSHOP10 to reduce the price of any course to just $10 for lifetime access. Here are the current course options:

iMindMap Course

iThoughts Course

MindManager Course

MindMeister Course

XMind Course