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Live Life Colorfully: A Mind Map Mandala Coloring Book to a NEW YOU!

In this post, we speak to mind map trainer, enthusiast and author, Maneesh Dutt, about his new book, "Live Life Colourfully".

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Mind Map & Project Management consultant and trainer, based in India. I am extremely passionate about applying Mind Maps in variety of situations.

My mission is to spread Mind Maps to as many people as I can through my workshops, online training programs, books, and webinars for corporate and academia. My endeavour is to always design practical workshops to allow immediate tangible benefits to individuals and vffdeorganisations.

How were you first introduced to mind mapping?

It was purely by accident that I stumbled upon the book How to Mind Map by Tony Buzan, little realizing that it would change the course of my life.

I started experimenting with the concept and was amazed every time with the results that I was getting. One thing led to another and finally burning with the fire of Mind Maps in my brain I decided to quit my job to pursue my love for Mind Maps 24/7. Leaving my job gave me the much needed space to write two books on Mind Maps over the last two years.

What do you think is the greatest benefit of mind mapping?

For our intellectual growth we need to be perpetual "Learners and Creators". However as we age, for the vast majority of us, the desire for both these important aspects diminishes.

This is where Mind Maps a simple thinking tool helps ignite the spark on both the dimension of "learning" as well as "creating".  Our new "learnings" help us "create" better and vice versa.

Thus in this context what I like about Mind Maps is that they are an indispensable thinking tool for anyone interested in growth and a fulfilling life.

How does mapping fit into your work and personal life?

The beauty of a Mind Map is that it helps clarify and simplify our thinking while preserving our unique thought process on a subject. Thus, whether personal or work life, there are virtually countless applications of Mind Mapping possible.

I have created hundreds of Mind Maps (both hand & computer drawn) helping me in both my work & personal life in a multitude of ways. Top of the mind examples for work include:

  • writing books/articles
  • preparing my workshop outline
  • taking notes
  • developing my publicity marketing strategy,
  • decision making

On the personal front it is not only a great tool to plan events but can be very powerfully used for self-development which is the primary focus of my second book “Live Life Colorfully”

How has Biggerplate helped you in your mind mapping journey?

Biggerplate is really a great source of inspiration for me. When I started my journey of Mind Mapping I thought I was a small minority of people on this planet making Mind Maps day in and day out. However that perception changed completely when I discovered the Mind Mapping community on Biggerplate. I was totally amazed to find people from all over the globe contributing Mind Maps to this wonderful repository and more so by the variety of subjects for which the Mind Maps existed; from management to science to mathematics to English etc etc. This really strengthened my conviction in Mind Maps and gave me a lot of energy to pursue this interesting subject whole heartedly.

Tell us about your new book "Live Life Colourfully"

“Live Life Colorfully” is a unique self-help cum coloring book for grown-ups. Through this book I am introducing the concept of “Mind Map Mandala” as a powerful tool for Self Development. Let me explain how.

There are more than 50,000 coloring books for adults on amazon which help destress. The process of coloring has been proven and well accepted globally in producing a calm state of mind. Now, would it not be wonderful if we could harness this state of mind for solving life’s small and big problems?

This is exactly what a Mind Map Mandala offers in my book “Live Life Colorfully”. The simple Mandala designs provided for coloring help put the mind in a calm state and then in that state of mind the reader is prompted to make a Mind Map for the issue on hand. During Mind Mapping if the thought process is stuck then one again has the opportunity to color smaller mandala designs and thus getting back into the creative zone.

Is there anything additional that you are offering with the book?

Yes, it is my sincere desire that more and more people should benefit from this concept hence am offering the following additionally with every book purchase to the reader:

  • Access to the soft copy of all the Mind Map Mandala template in imindmap format- So that people who are more comfortable with computer based Mind Maps can also benefit from it.

  • One free email consultancy from me on any one Mind Map Mandala that the reader shares with me. Some of the best Mind Map Mandalas will get an opportunity to feature in the later editions of the book.

  • Discounts on iMindmap software purchase.

  • Discounts on some of the online Mind Mapping courses being offered by me

What sort of response has the book had?

The book been released less than a month ago and already made it among the top 25 best sellers in Mandalas and Pattern coloring books for adults in Amazon UK in addition to making it to the top 100 in India and US.

The book has also already featured on the website under their motivational literature section.

My initial meeting with many senior leaders in the industry about this concept have been very positive and am really looking forward to doing workshops for many of them in addition to my public workshops.

What prompted you to write the book?

My first book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” was received quite well, however the audience for it, in a global context, was limited i.e. primarily those into the subject of Project Management. Hence I wanted to write a book wherein I could showcase the power of Mind Maps on topics that would benefit a larger audience.

So, sitting at an airport, waiting for a delayed flight, I started making a Mind Map on the Why, What, Who, How and When for the book. In less than hour I had the complete blueprint of the book “Live Life Colorfully” in front of me. The clarity of the Mind Map prompted me to
energetically pursue its completion as a top most priority.

So I owe the birth of this book “Live Life Colorfully” to a Mind Map, which has also been included in the book for everyone’s reference, and probably the delayed flight!

Who would most benefit from reading the book?

The book “Live Life colourfully” provides Mind Map Mandala coloring templates on topics such as discovering life’s purpose, achieving goals, managing emotions better, changing unwanted habits, taking decisions and even writing a book. Once the Mind Map Mandala’s have been made as per the instructions provided in the book they act as a mirror which then prompts or motivates the user to make a change.

Thus anybody interested in developing or self-discovering oneself can benefit from this book.

Where can we get it!?

The book is available on all popular online bookstores. The international edition is available on and The book is also available as an e-book on Kobo and Google Play.

At the link below you can read sample pages and at the bottom it also provides links to all

the stores where it is currently available:

And my humble request to all who enjoy reading the book is to gift it forward to atleast one individual whom you feel could benefit from the concept.

What are your thoughts on Biggerplate as a resource for mind mapping?

Like I mentioned earlier biggerplate is an extremely valuable resource for Mind Mapping and not just for Mind Mapping experts but also those new to the subject. There are many practical ways in which one can benefit from this wonderful repository of Mind Maps. As a an example, I am doing Mind Mapping workshops across industries and before the workshops I always refer to look at existing examples from a given industry say Pharma, Information Technology, Engineering etc. and invariably I get a reference example for shaping my workshop.

I strongly recommend anyone interested in the subject of Mind Mapping to not only use it for reference but also submit your Mind Maps to the biggerplate repository. It is really very very satisfying to see that somebody might have benefitted positively by downloading and using the Mind Map that you created. So go ahead and make Biggerplate even bigger !

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