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Liam meets mapping expert Philippe Boukobza

Last week I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with mind mapping expert Philippe Boukobza who runs a number of excellent blogs for mind mappers, including the excellent "Visual Mapping Blog"

Over a number of hours we discussed lots of ideas for Biggerplate and the mind mapping world in general, and we've got a couple of exciting projects that we'll be collaborating on over the next few months!
I am very fortunate in my role at Biggerplate that I get to talk to and (sometimes) meet with interesting mappers like Philippe from all over the world, and it never fails to encourage and inspire me!
I feel encouraged when I hear about their enthusiasm for mapping, and their belief that Biggerplate is making a valuable contribution to the mapping world! I feel inspired when I learn about their use of mapping at work, and how they have used it to drive improvement and innovation. Overall, it leaves me with a very positive feeling about the growth and evolution of Biggerplate and the mind mapping arena in general!

One of the many ideas I discussed with Philippe was the creation of events for Biggerplate members to meet up and share their ideas, learning and experiences of using mapping in different contexts, whether it is in business, education, or at home. The learning that I get every time I speak with other mappers is enormous, and I always come away with new ideas. If Biggerplate can better facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences between mappers in both the online world (through the mind map library) and in the offline world (through a calendar of events) then I think the collective learning and progress for everyone will be huge.

We've been discussing events for some time at Biggerplate, and my discussions with Philippe certainly support my opinion that this would be a fantastic project for the mind mapping world! We've got a lot of projects on the go at the moment, but this is certainly something we'll be looking at later, so stay tuned...

Finally, I would like to thank Philippe for his time, energy, and ideas, and for the great maps he has shared on Biggerplate that you can view here.

His blog(s) are an excellent source of learning and inspiration, and I encourage you to check them out here.

I'd also like to encourage other Biggerplate members who find themselves in the London area to get in touch, as I'm always very keen to meet up to hear your ideas and learn from your experiences, so drop me a line - you can get me on my new personal Twitter account @BiggerplateLiam or simply drop me an email!

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