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Letters from Liam: April 2010

Somehow a quarter of the year has passed already and we find ourselves busier than ever here at Biggerplate this April, with some exciting new projects being carefully tweaked before being released to an unsuspecting public in the not-too-distant future!

This month marks the relaunch of our monthly newsletter, which had sadly fallen into a state of disrepair last year, and you can now expect to see a chirpy update from Biggerplate every month with some useful and interesting information for you to click through when you have a spare moment. If you are not already subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so via your Biggerplate profile.

A regular feature in the re-energised newsletter will include our "Member Stories" which will look at how Biggerplate members are using mapping, mindmanager, and Biggerplate in their everyday lives, and what ideas and thoughts they have for the future of visual mapping. We were delighted to feature Chance Brown of The Mindmap Blog in our first member story, and extend our sincere thanks to him for agreeing to participate and providing us with such interesting insights.

You will also have the dubious pleasure of reading a monthly "letter" from me in abbreviated form in the monthly newsletter and in full on this blog. I hope to provide you with my own perspective on all that is going on here at Biggerplate and in the wider world and hope that this will provide some interest in addition to the great information already being provided by Biggerplate in this blog and elsewhere.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of my work at the moment is that we are slowly but surely approaching 10,000 members on, and the site therefore represents one of the (if not the) biggest communities of mindmappers and mindmanager users online, and this is a real achievement for everyone who has worked to help Biggerplate grow. As we work behind the scenes to prepare the site for its next stage of evolution, we hope you will work very publicly to let other people know about us, and perhaps most importantly, share your map content with others through our map library! A couple of easy ways to help us get closer to that 10,000 member mark is to follow and talk to us on Twitter and also becoming a fan of Biggerplate on Facebook.

Well, with the UK General Election now set for the 6th of May, I suppose I should go and figure out who is going to tax and trouble small businesses the least... Talk about the lesser of two (or three) evils!

Wishing you all a very prosperous April!

Liam Hughes

P.s. As always, feel free to contact or connect with me through Twitter or Linkedin

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