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Join the Biggerplate Beta Test

It's been a little while since this blog was updated, but we have a good excuse this time - we've been working away on building a brand new version of the Biggerplate mind map library!

The new version of our site should be up and running in the next couple of weeks if everything goes ok, and you can look forward to a host of great new features, and improvements on what you have no doubt come to love about the current website :-)

Here's a screenshot of the new homepage. Shiny...

As part of our preparation for launching the new site, we are currently conducting a small beta test that will help us to iron out any problems, whilst also giving a select group of people the chance to use the new website and test out how everything works. If you would like to take part in this beta test, please contact Liam immediately at and he will provide you with details of how to access the beta site.

So what can you look forward to on the new version of Biggerplate? Here's a quick look at some of the key changes and additions:

Bulk Uploads: Upload up to ten mind maps in a matter of seconds, thanks to our new super-speedy bulk uploader!

Auto-Complete: Our site will read your mind maps as you upload them, and extract a title, description (where available) and relevant key words tags. All you need to do is some fine-tuning and click ok!

Improved Copyright Options: Enables you to control how your work is used by others.

Add Map Description Links: A little change but a good one. You can now include links in your map descriptions that will enable others to click through to other websites you suggest.

Mini-Profiles: Promote yourself and your business, and learn how other people are using mind mapping/Biggerplate. Here's an example of a profile page on the new site. Mmm... profiley...

Integrated Mindmanager Viewer: Enables people to view mind maps in a dynamic viewer without having to download anything! Use this to share maps with people who dont have mindmanager (the fools).

No Mind Map Size Limit: We have removed limitations on the size of map file that can be added to Biggerplate, meaning you can upload maps that are jam-packed with images if you like!

There are a fair few other things waiting for you, but we dont want to ruin all the surprises... Why not get in touch and take part in the beta test to find out for yourself why Biggerplate is about to get much bigger!

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