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iThoughts adds Biggerplate integration!

Awesome news for iThoughts users - you can now upload your mind maps directly to from your iPad, iPhone and Mac!

Building on the recently launched Biggerplate API, our friends at iThoughts have put together a beautiful and seamless upload function into their latest update, meaning you can now share your iThoughts mind maps directly to the Biggerplate library with just the press of a button!

We're so excited to get a better system in place for iThoughts users, who have previously been unable to share mind maps created within the iPad/iPhone apps (our fault), and we look forward to seeing what you have been creating with this amazing mind mapping app. The new functionality is already proving popular, with nearly 50 iThoughts maps being shared on the first day of integration!

Not familiar with iThoughts? Check out the Toketaware website for more information about this fantastic iPhone, iPad, and Mac app!

We send big thanks to iThoughts creator Craig Scott for his amazing work on this new functionality, and his continued commitment to innovation and improvement of this hugely popular app! It's another key piece of the puzzle in place here today at, and we look forward to welcoming many more iThoughts users to the mind mapping community!

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