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Introducing the Biggerplate API & Developer Hub

A long time in the making, and a huge effort for a small team; The newly launched Biggerplate API and Developer Hub provides a unique launchpad for Biggerplate and our developer partners to provide better mind mapping functionality for more people than ever before!

For those of you who are technically minded, it's probably more useful for you to skip reading this blog post, and just head straight over to the new developer hub to start digging into the new Biggerplate API. Go on... go ahead. We won't judge you. In fact, we'll thank you. Here is is:

For the non-tech minded, or anyone who'd like a little bit of context, I'll try to keep this simple, and brief. After all, I'm still not even sure I understand what an API is... but luckily I've got a team that does.

The (long awaited) bridge between mind mapping software and

Probably the best way I have described this to other non-developers is that the new API acts as a technical 'bridge' between the mind map resources at, and the fantastic mind mapping software and apps that people all over the world are using on a daily basis.

The new API will enable our developer friends to build direct integration between their software and our mind map library, allowing users to potentially upload content to the library direct from their software, and also browse, search, and download mind map templates and examples from Biggerplate, without ever leaving the application.

Think of it this way: it's like when you take a photo of your cat (really... another one???) and then hit the button that immediately shares it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and 1 million other websites where still, nobody will care about your cat, no matter how many exclamation marks you use.

But imagine a world where you can create a mind map, and in one simple press of a button, share it on the mind map library at for the mind mapping world to see! Now that's useful. And other people will find it useful. And not a cat in sight.

But wait, there's more! What if you're mind mapping away and suddenly find yourself wondering if there's any templates or example maps related to what you're doing. Rather than opening up your web browser to visit Biggerplate, why not just pop open the new panel in your app that shows you the newest content from Biggerplate (in the correct format for your application) and allows you to search, browse, and download from the library direct from within your software. Wouldn't that be splendid? Well, this is what the API will enable, and it's going to be awesome.

What next?

Well, we've spent over a year building the first version of the API, and we're therefore going to pause, have a beer, and maybe a nap. Nick and Rob (the dynamic technical duo at Biggerplate) have done an astonishing job in putting this all together with extremely limited resources. If you're a technical person (unlike myself) you'll probably appreciate what a project like this involves, and what a heroic achievement this is from the guys.

Once recovered, we'll continue to improve the documentation, and technical possibilities provided by the API, while working closely with our software partners to help them maximise the API for their users. After all, building the bridge is stage one. The next stage requires your software provider to do some building work on their side... so make sure you pressure them for Biggerplate Integration as soon as possible...!

Calling all developers!

Finally, if anyone reading this is a software and/or app developer, whether large company, or independent, we're interested to hear from you if you think you'd like to do something interesting with our API. Head on over to the Developer Hub as the first step, and then let us know what you're trying to do, and how we can help you!

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