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Introducing the Biggerplate Business Club (Beta)

Are you the sole mind mapper in your organisation? Are you trying to make the case for mind mapping to your boss? Concerned about expensive mind mapping software sitting unused on your computers? Well, you're not alone... join the club

Over the many years that we've been building Biggerplate, we've heard the same stories from mind mappers in business over and over again. There remains a fundamental challenge for individuals, teams, and businesses in trying to understand how, when, and where they should use mind mapping in the business environment, and (equally important) when they should not!

As a result, there are a number of "adoption issues" when it comes to the use of mind mapping in business. Whether it's a mind mapping software investment that's not paying off, or a team that does not see the value or use of mapping, the fundamental issue is often the same: a lack of awareness and/or understanding about where mind mapping is supposed to fit within the current work of the individual and/or organisation.

Mind Mapping for Business: Where's the fit?

We've talked for many years about mind mapping being the missing link and must-have tool for modern workers in business, and it has long been our goal to help identify and show which business tasks, processes, and situations are best supported by mind mapping. Primarily, this is done through our mind map library, which shows you how other business people are using mind mapping in different situations around the world. We believe that by showing "where mind mapping fits", we can encourage more people to try out these powerful tools in the right situations, so they can reap the benefits.

Introducing the Biggerplate Business Club!

As we attempt to build on this approach, we are excited to launch the Biggerplate Business Club; a new members area that aims to help develop an even richer picture for current and potential users of mind mapping in business.

The Business Club is now live in Beta, as we test out different options, and seek feedback from early users about what they'd like to see. Members can upgrade to Business Club in order to access a range of content that will be specifically designed to help individuals, teams, and organisations understand where and how they can best apply mind mapping for maximum impact.

Practitioner-led learning from the global community

At the heart of the Business Club will be a jam-packed webinar schedule providing loads of opportunities for members to hear from other mind map users about how they have improved their businesses using mind maps. There will be a busy schedule of Live webinars, and a resulting archive of content available to watch on-demand.

Rather than focusing on hearing from 'mind map experts', we're going to be focused on learning from practitioners; normal people who are simply using mind mapping in practical everyday situations, and seeing good results across a range of industries, business types, and job roles.


Save on the cost of Business Club membership by joining during the Beta phase for just $9.99! View details

Curated Content and Special Offers

In addition to the core webinar content, Business Club members will also have access to a developing range of curated content selected by the Biggerplate team, including featured mind maps, research reports, case studies and articles.

Business Club members can also look forward to a range of exclusive discounts and special offers from Biggerplate and our partners over the coming months!

A(nother) new era, and some possible next steps

The Business Club represents the start of a really exciting new phase for Biggerplate and our community members. By focusing on the creation of a community within the community, we can invest time and resources more effectively to provide quality content and materials to help mind mappers new and experienced get the most out of mind mapping in business settings. Furthermore; as the Business Club community and functionality develops over the next year, we will look to provide numerous ways for members to connect and collaborate more easily with eachother, and to further build on the practitioner-led learning approach that the Business Club is based upon.

Looking forward, if the Business Club concept proves successful, we see potential in creating other sub-communities along a similar model. Perhaps a Teacher's Club? A Students Club? Or any number of interesting sub-groups that we know exist within the larger Biggerplate community... the possibilities are numerous.

So, if you're mind mapping in a business context, and you want to participate in shaping the foundations of the Business Club, we hope you'll jump on board now and give us the benefit of your energy and your feedback. Members signing up for the Business Club during the Beta phase can do so for just $9.99, saving on the eventual cost of membership which will be $39.99 per year once the Beta phase concludes. Don't miss out... we're just getting started!

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