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iMindQ Online Taking Bold New Steps!

Our friends at iMindQ have been busy with some exciting new releases including iMindQ Online; giving you a simple, intuitive means to build and share mind maps online!

As more and more of our software tools (and life in general) moves into the cloud, it's great to see mind mapping software players innovating in this space, and the team at iMindQ have done some great work in translating their popular desktop tool into an online offering!

One of the great benefits of web-based products is that they can be built with simplicity and easy use in mind, and iMindQ online is a great example of this. There's a nice Free Demo option that enables you to start building maps instantly within your web browser, with the ability to add notes, hyperlinks, and images with amazing simplicity. One of the potential downsides of online versions is that they can appear (or in fact be) somewhat lightweight in their features. This is not a problem for iMindQ online! This is no lightweight software imitation... this is a fully functioning tool that really showcases all that a quality mind mapping product offers. We love it!

Integration with several cloud storage providers (Dropbox, Drive, Box etc) ensures your maps can be easily saved and synced from wherever, and the excellent one-click presentation mode within iMindQ remains a real winner for us too, meaning you could roll up to a client, pop open a browser (on their computer even) and blow them away with a slick presentation. Boom. You've just been iMindQ'd. (We think that's a word... or it should be).

In addition to the brilliant core functionality that we've come to expect from iMindQ, there are also some real surprises in here... and we mean real surprises! Ever tried virtual reality mind mapping? No, neither have we... but now we could!

Proving that there's no lack of experimental innovation in the mind mapping space, iMindQ are the first developer (to our knowledge) to begin experimenting with VR using Google Cardboard! Don't know what that is? Neither did we... but now we do... because we found this page

Let's face it... you're not exactly going to win any prizes for stylish eyewear, but this is just funky. We're already planning a test of this functionality, and we'll update you on how it goes...!

So, it's a massive shout out from us for the team at iMindQ for another impressive step forward, not only for building an easy to use online offering that's full of features, but also for pushing genuine boundaries in visual working with mind maps!

Check out iMindQ Online today!

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