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iMindQ evolves with version 8.0 release!

Great news this month with the release of iMindQ 8.0 bringing some exciting new features and developments to this popular mind mapping software!

We're delighted to see yet more innovation coming from the iMindQ team, and it seems certain that some of the new functionality in the software will prove popular with users! Here's a quick look at what caught our eye...

Presentations taking centre stage

In recent years it is clear that iMindQ have put a strong emphasis focus on the presentation functionality within the software, and this latest version builds further on what is becoming a key strength of the product.

We have previously praised the One-Click Presentation power within iMindQ, and this feature continues to be a favourite within our team. However, an interesting new additions to the iMindQ presentation options in this latest version is the ability to import PowerPoint slides into your mind map, a great option to have if you want to give your audience a more dynamic and visual presentation!

Using the PowerPoint import to change the format of your presentation and improve the visual nature of the presentation is a great benefit in itself, but we think another interesting use of this feature could be notating presentation slides sent over by other people! Ever been on the receiving end of a slide-deck sent over by someone else that you're expected to understand, and sometimes present from? Well, we have. It's not fun. But we think this could be made much easier if you can pull the slides into a mind map and then build out your own notes and ideas within the mind map. Not only will having the map view enable you to get a better sense of the overall structure and threads of the presentation slides (assuming they exist), but the expansive nature of the iMindQ canvas means you could really build out further on these ideas for your own benefit, or even as part of an improved presentation within iMindQ.

HTML Export

A new area of exploration for this latest version of iMindQ is the ability to export your desktop mind maps to HTML, which will then allow you to view and edit your mind maps online in your web browser, as well as share with other users.

The export works beautifully, and this is clearly helps iMindQ to further build on the excellent interoperability between the desktop software and iMindQ Online (more on that at a later date).

Faster filtering

There have been some further improvements to the filtering power within iMindQ 8.0, which gives you the option to filter by any number of criteria (including notes, attachments, hyperlinks) and now comes loaded with several useful predefined filters that can help you save time.

This type of functionality has become an established must-have within mind mapping software, and iMindQ have clearly given this plenty of attention in order to ensure users are equipped with easy ways to navigate and manage mind maps that can become large.

Conclusion: Up your iMindQ!

There's a lot that could be written, but (as always) our suggestion is that you go fire up iMindQ 8 for yourself to put some of the great new features to the test. Whether you are new to iMindQ or an experienced user you won't be disappointed!

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