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iMindMap introduces Biggerplate integration!

We're excited to announce the news that our friends at iMindMap have recently released a fantastic update to their software that includes a new option to share mind maps directly to from within the software!

Hot on the heels of winning the Mind Mapper's Choice 2016 Award in our 2016 Annual Report, the team over at iMindMap have been hard at work with an update for their users that includes a number of improvements to Fast Capture, Brainstorm, Presentation View and more. Obviously the improvement that gets our attention is the new integrated "Share on Biggerplate" option that enables mind mappers to upload their maps to our mind map library with just a couple of clicks!

Read more about the latest iMindMap Update!

We're already seeing a steady increase in the number of iMindMap files being shared through this new feature, and encourage all iMindMap users to give it a go, and show the world what you have been mapping this week! Here's how to find the new Biggerplate sharing option:

Windows: Go to File > Export & Share > Share > Share map on Biggerplate

Mac: Go to File > Export > Share > Share map on Biggerplate or Action > Share > Share map on Biggerplate

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