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Christmas comes early: iMindMap 9 has landed...

iMindMap 9 has arrived, and (as always) the team over at OpenGenius have done a fantastic job in bringing some bright new features to their amazing mind mapping software! Santa himself would be proud of what's wrapped up in this latest update...!

In addition to some solid improvements to the overall speed and performance of the application (often overlooked, but always appreciated) the team have clearly focused on further enhancing the well-established visual appeal of the software, and building more interesting options around the core mind mapping functionality to provide further flexibility when working with your ideas and information. Let's take a look!

World Class Mind Mapping

There's no doubt that iMindMap has firmly cemented a place at the top table when it comes to mind mapping software, and this latest release is affirmation (if it was needed) of why the product has been voted in the Top 3 for two consecutive years in our Annual Mind Map Report of the best mind mapping software. Chris Griffiths and his Cardiff-based team continue to experiment, innovate, and improve across the board. The results for iMindMap users are clear to see.

This latest release builds on the mind mapping functionality with some nice additions (use images for your background) and a nice 'Outline View' that will help you work through items in large maps, and also find/filter more easily using a built-in search capability. We know the core mind mapping product is now very established, and very strong, so these type of improvements and additions will only serve to strengthen the role that iMindMap can play in the daily work of a user.


Boosted Brainstorming

This great feature was launched with the previous release of iMindMap last year and was an instant hit with users, based on the simplicity of the idea, and the brilliance of the execution. This year the team have added a level of richness to this feature that will no doubt prove to be a highly popular update, giving people greater formatting choices, in addition to notes, links, attachment, and task info options for your post-its. Perhaps best of all? One click and you turn it into a mind map. The perfect way to capture ideas before building them out further in the mind map structure. This is really a fabulous digitization of a process that works wonders in a workshop setting with real (physical) sticky notes, and I thoroughly recommend giving it a try. If Biggerplate did ratings, we'd give this feature 37 out of 37. Because that's how we'd do ratings. Obviously.


Fast Capture Mode

Ok, truthfully, I'm not yet sure when I'd use this instead of the brainstorm or mind map modes, but, I like it no less! The view (see below) is really original, and of course, has that OpenGenius flare in terms of the styling and visual impact! Throwing your ideas in is quick and easy, although you'll need to switch into mind map view if you want to start re-ordering and re-organising. Not a problem... again, with just one click, all your nodes from Fast Capture Mode are converted into a mind map, ready for the next stage of your process.

I'm really interested to hear from other iMindMap users about when they might use this mode? Does it precede a brainstorm, or a mind map, or should it be treated as a separate visual working tool in itself? Personally, I'm really excited to see where the OpenGenius team take this tool. When you look at the improvements to Brainstorm mode in just one year, it's exciting to think what they might have up their sleeves in Fast Capture mode... when is iMindMap 10 coming out...?!


Improved Integrations

For Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote users, iMindMap 9 provides some nice functionality around saving and sharing through new integrations with these popular tools. Obviously there's an additional integration that we're looking forward to seeing in the not too distant future... but all in good time...!


Well there, in a short nutshell, are just a few of the key highlights of iMindMap 9, but as always, the best way to learn what's new, is to go try it out yourself! Visit to see some great launch offers that won't be around much longer!

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