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Image Packs for Business Club members!

Biggerplate Business Club members can now access a selection of 100 fantastic images to download for free into their mind maps and other documents!

If you're tired of the stock images within your mind mapping software, and want to add a bit more life and character to your documents, then our new Image Pack library for Business Club members may be just what you need! In the latest addition to the new Business Club, we've provided 5 great image packs, each containing 20 high quality images that can be easily imported into your chosen mind mapping software. Use these images to brighten up your mind maps (and other documents) all for free when you are a registered member of the Business Club!

Remember, Business Club membership is just $19.99 during the current launch phase, which ends on 30th November, so don't miss out! Learn more


With a great schedule of upcoming and archived webinars, and a growing selection of additional benefits and extras, the Biggerplate Business Club is off to a flying start, and if you're using mind maps to drive your business, then come join the club today!

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