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iMindMap 8 launches with a bang!

It's been an exciting few weeks in the mind mapping world, with our friends over at ThinkBuzan launching the much anticipated iMindMap 8 for both Windows and Mac! As always with iMindMap, you can not only expect to see a number of tweaks to the overall user experience but also the addition of some new and funky software features, like a brand new brainstorming mode! Here's a quick review of what's new, but to discover for yourself, why not go ahead and get a free trial of iMindMap 8 now!

Perhaps the biggest and boldest addition to iMindMap in version 8 is an innovative new brainstorming mode, which aims to help you gather ideas in an unstructured (non mind map) form, before organising and converting them into a mind map.

Not only does this new feature look great, but it's also a fantastic and intuitive way to get your ideas down in their basic form easily. The ability to then group ideas and convert to a mind map is a great example of the team at ThinkBuzan clearly giving great thought to where mind mapping fits within a brainstorming process, and how best to enable more effective brainstorming!

One of our favourite features in iMindMap for several years has been the wonderful presentation mode, which seems to improve with every release! iMindMap 8 continues this trend, with yet more functionality organised into ever-simpler menus. Using the Auto-Create option turns your mind map effortlessly into a smooth flowing presentation, with numerous options to then personalise as you wish with easy to use zoom and pan options. The resulting presentations have all the structural benefits of a mind map, combined with a wow factor usually only found within dedicated presentation applications!

Elsewhere, there's a continuing effort to provide an ever-simpler interface to help users create mind maps more easily than ever before, with improvements to the branch creation tool, which has also been designed to work on touch-screen devices, and simplification of menus and libraries within the software. A feature that many people will not necessarily notice (but will certainly benefit from) is the creation of contextual menus, which helps to keep the number of options visible on screen down to a manageable level, and ensures you're only seeing buttons and options when they are relevant - sounds easy and obvious - but it isn't, and it's a great improvement within version 8!

Overall, iMindMap 8 continues to build on the impressive development trajectory established by the ThinkBuzan team over the last few years, with a great balance of core functionality improvements, and wow-factor new additions that will certainly please existing and new users alike! We love it, and we're sure you will too, so go check it out! Visit

To learn a little more about iMindMap, and the company behind it, take a look at our recent Q & A video with founder Chris Griffiths!

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