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How to Mind Map: Daily To-Do List

Here is a great example of how a mind map template can help you on a daily basis.

Submitted to Biggerplate this week by SignosArg, it is a daily planning mind map that will help you keep on top of your to-do list. To view the map within the library, simply click the image or click here

Mind maps like this are a great examples of how gathering information (in the form of tasks, ideas, actions etc) in a more visible and visual format can help you see quickly and easily where you need to focus your attention.

Simplicity in ordering information is often under-rated, and just the process of mapping out the information can be hugely beneficial in itself, even if you never look at the map again!

To really get the full benefit out of a map like this, you should however try to build it into your daily habits and routines, so it becomes a living/dynamic control centre for your world. Try opening it up a the start of the day, and also reviewing it before you leave the office at night, entering in the things you can see need to be done tomorrow. If you can establish this routine, you will also start to figure out whether the mind map needs to be adapted or changed in order to better reflect reality. For example, you might like to have saturday and sunday on there too, or you might like a separate subtopic for "Family".

As with all good mind map templates, this one provides an excellent starting point for you to make something that is personal and useful to you. Take a look, download it, and spend 10 minutes working through your own "to-do" list. You'll very quickly find you've got a clearer picture of everything, and a firm grasp of where to start first!

View the "To Do Mind Map" here

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