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Happy 2014 - Year of the Mind Mapper!

We'd like to wish all of our members, and the wider mind mapping community a happy new year! There are some really exciting things happening in the mind map world, and we think there are lots of reasons to feel very confident about 2014 being the best year ever for mind mapping!

Here are five reasons why we think this year will be the year of the mind mapper!

1. Biggerplate Unplugged visits San Francisco!

Having successfully launched the first dedicated mind map conference in 2013, we're now building on the momentum by taking our Biggerplate Unplugged series to San Francisco in March 2014! Providing a unique bridge between the European and North American mind mapping communities, this will be a fantastic opportunity to build on the learning and insights that emerged during the 2013 events in London, Paris, and Utrecht!

We cannot wait to meet our friends and community members in California, and hope we'll see you there! (>View event details)

2. Mind Map Report 2014- truly global insights!

Due to be published at the end of January, our first mind map report is based on the findings of our global mind map survey, which took place at the end of 2013. Over 700 people completed the survey, and participants came from more than 30 different countries, giving us a unique insight into how people around the world are using mind maps, and how the mind map arena is evolving as a whole!

3. Multi-lingual Biggerplate!

Bonjour, buenas dias, and buongiorno! While most people have been enjoying a well-earned rest over Christmas, we've been working hard behind the scenes to translate the entire Biggerplate site into a number of different languages so that we can soon offer members a fully translated experience! We hope to be launching the first sections of our French, Spanish, and Italian site very soon, and will also be starting work on German and Dutch versions!
This is a big project, and would not be possible without AMAZING help from some wonderful members of our community who have volunteered their time and linguistic skills to make a huge contribution to the global mind map community. Special thanks go to Philippe Boukobza, Franco Masucci, and Marco Ossani for all their incredible work on this important project!

4. A new home for hand-drawn mind maps!

Also progressing nicely behind the scenes is our work to rebuild and re-design into a dedicated gallery for hand-drawn mind maps. It's a big job, but one that is already starting to come together well, so keep your eyes on Mappio over the coming months to see the shiny new version launching soon!

5. Integration

Ok, so we can't say too much about this right now, but take our word for it; there's going to be some cool Biggerplate stuff appearing right inside some of your favourite mind mapping applications over the next 12 months... stay tuned...!

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