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Global Mind Map Survey: Final 24 Hours!

Ok folks, it's officially the last chance to share your feedback, innovation ideas, and vote for your favourite mind mapping software!

Our Global Mind Mapping Survey is about to close, and nearly 1,000 people have already taken part! Don't miss out on your chance to shape the future of mind mapping...

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Some early insights gathered so far...

More than 30% of participants say they are using more than one mind mapping tool... what does this tell us about the mix of features and functions required from a mind mapping tool? Why can't one tool do the job?

Using multiple tools? Tell us more!

More than 60% of participants say they are using mind mapping to manage projects, and yet less than 30% say they have any formal project management qualifications. We know that many mind mapping companies have focused on Project Management as a topic, but perhaps it is more about people who manage projects, rather than pure project managers in the formal sense?**

What's your own experience? Share your views!

So, remember, today is your last chance to get involved in the Global Mind Map Survey for 2017, and we'd love to get your perspectives! You could even win a $100 Amazon voucher just for taking part!

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