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From Mind Map to Kanban

Faizel Mohidin is the publisher and owner of Using Mind Maps Magazine - Free for your Smartphone and Tablet-bringing you tips, tools, techniques, resources and opinions of leading Mind Mapping Experts, Software Vendors and Mind Mapping Enthusiasts.

In a forthcoming exclusive Business Club webinar, Faizel will discuss his Mind Map to Kanban project which combines Mind Maps with Lean and Agile project and task management methods.

What is Mind Mapping to Kanban about?

Mind Map to Kanban takes the popular Project and Task Management System, Kanban, and adds Mind Mapping to it.
Kanban is excellent at managing time, which is linear.
But, Kanban relies on a Prioritised Backlog, which is normally a long, linear list, making it very hard to manage.

Mind Map to Kanban introduces Mind Maps to manage the backlog of ideas in a visual way, as ideas are not liner. They are often sporadic, abstract and chaotic, making Mind Maps the perfect tool to manage the backlog.

Faizel has put together a process that takes you from idea to implementation using Mind Maps and Personal Kanban, which is suited to smaller businesses, smaller teams and personal work.

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