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Freemind maps now supported on Biggerplate!

We're excited to announce that you can now share Freemind maps on the Biggerplate mind map library, meaning even more people from around the world can now share their mind mapping creations!

Freemind is free open-source mind mapping software which is often used by people who are first getting started with mind mapping. Although the software is somewhat limited in comparison to the other software options supported on Biggerplate, we recognise that a huge number of people are still using Freemind, and we want to ensure these mind mappers can become active members of our community!

Freemind software has been downloaded nearly half a million times so far in 2016, and had over 1 Million downloads in 2015. There is clearly a significant user population out there, and we're excited to welcome them to Biggerplate now to share their mind maps!

Are you a Freemind user? Try sharing your first mind map today!

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