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Maps and Wine- First Meetup event in Paris!

January 2016 saw the launch of our new initiative: Biggerplate Mind Mapping on (read more here) - a new initiative to enable mappers to organise their own meetups around the world! Last week I was fortunate enough to attend our first ever Meetup event in the wonderful city of Paris!

Through, we have created an account which enables us to promote, support, host and organise Meetups around the world- without us having to be present. Along with two of our enthusiastic French members, Franco Massuci and Pascal Bernardon, we were able to host our first Meetup for the French Community in Paris last week.

The event was very much an experiment, but we had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

The Paris Meetup event was named 'Maps and Wine' ( quite apt for France, really!) and we just wanted to see who would turn up and what they were looking for. Our co-organisers found a nice bar and we were able to meet with old and new faces to exchange and share ideas about the uses of mind mapping, and just generally to get to know each other and make Biggerplate more visible across Paris.

We have certainly learned from our community through this event about how Biggerplate can help more mappers to meet in person to discuss experiences and share ideas.

We'd like to continue encouraging and supporting people to meet up in the real world to discuss all things mind mapping related, and our first Meetup in Paris has confirmed that this is tout à fait possible!

We're hoping to kick off our Atlanta and London Meetups very soon, and we even have some enthusiasts in the Netherlands who are keen to host their own Biggerplate Mind Mapping Meetup in Amsterdam, so watch this space...!

Can't wait until then? Don't see your city? Why not get in touch and create a free-to-attend mind mapping Meetup in a coffee shop or bar near you!

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