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Website says I'm downloading too fast and may not be human?

If you're seeing a message on Biggerplate that says "we think you're downloading too fast and you might not be human" - don't be offended, it's just a security measure that's in place to stop the site being abused by malicious little robots that try to trigger thousands of downloads per second in an attempt to crash the website.

To protect the site and our users from this potential problem, we have a simple mechanism that will pop up if the time between mind map downloads is very short, and repeated a few times. Usually this will not affect any real users, but is pretty good at stopping the annoying robots! However. some people are pretty quick on their computers/iPads these days, and can be downloading maps at high speed, one after another... and this can sometimes trigger the 'are you human' response, even though you're not doing anything wrong!

The solution? Just wait a minute (literally, like 60 seconds), and try again. And then take your time before the next download, and the next, and the next...! Leaving just a 30 second gap or so between downloads will ensure you have no problems at all. Remember, there's no rush, we're not going anywhere, so take your time, chill out, and take it sloooow...!

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