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Dropmind arrives on Biggerplate!

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks behind the scenes here, culminating in the new arrival of Dropmind mind mapping software on this week, meaning you can now upload and download Dropmind maps to/from the Biggerplate library!

View the Official Dropmind User Group

We're delighted to welcome Dropmind and their users to our mind map community, and look forward to seeing loads of great new mind maps from some of the many Dropmind enthusiasts from around the world!

DropMind is still a relatively young-gun in the world of mind mapping software, but has built an excellent reputation as a highly affordable software that packs in a lot of features, including full integration between desktop and iPad apps. The software performs strongly on the integration front too, enabling users to import MindManager, XMind, and Freemind maps easily, therefore expanding the range of maps that DropMind users can access and use on Biggerplate!

With a clean and clear user interface that enables users to quickly and easily create attractive and functional mind maps, it is no wonder DropMind has built a highly engaged user base over the last few years. It's already been a huge pleasure working with the Dropmind team on making this integration happen, and we're excited to develop our partnership further over the coming months and years!

View the Dropmind User Group

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