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Do small maps work much better than large maps...?

Flashback to our Unplugged event in London!

This is the presentation by Harport Consulting at the Biggerplate Unplugged mind mapping mini-conference in London on 31st January 2013.

The key message is that small maps work much better than large maps, when using mind mapping software in an organisational setting. Designing maps to be comfortably read by other people is a very different technique to using them for personal or creative mind mapping.

Barriers to their use can easily arise within business if you do not think about your audience when sharing maps.

This map is a presentation map, designed for you to read. Unlike most other maps on Biggerplate, it is not intended to be adapted for something else or to work as a template. The goal is to demonstrate how to communicate complex ideas in a simple way, using mind mapping software.

Thank you to our loyal member, Nick Duffil, for this contribution. He would love your feedback, and his contact details can be found in the map.

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