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Design Thinking in Action: a Mind Mapping perspective

Join us on Tuesday 14th March at 5pm GMT where we'll hear from Dr Marco Ossani: Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Author & Accredited Mind Mapper based in Italy.

In this exclusive Business Club Webinar, Marco will briefly present Design Thinking before demonstrating how mind mapping can assist in the critical thinking required for Design Thinking.

Thinking as a designer is the best way to generate meaningful, human-cantered innovation. From product to policy design, whatever the problem to solve is, Design Thinking provides a unique frame and a powerful process to be creative within constraints and balancing desirability, feasibility and viability of what we do, always with PEOPLE in mind. The human-(brain)-centered Mind Maps make the best fit for the most relevant phases of this process: flexible thinking templates you can use in practice, starting immediately…!

He hopes you will be able to find your own way of using mind maps to facilitate in your Design Thinking.

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