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Curio adds Biggerplate Integration

So here's something cool for the Mac users out there... If you have not tried out Curio, then we recommend you head on over to and download a free trial. We love this software, and it's slick, clean and flexible ways... and now there's another excellent reason to love it even more: integration with our very own mind map library at!

While Curio is not pure mind mapping software, it does have some pretty cool importing features than enable you to embed maps within the 'idea space' that you work within on your screen. Now you can jump straight from the software into the Biggerplate library, and import maps directly into your Curio work! Very cool!

Congratulations to the fantastic George Browning at Zengobi for this latest release and all the cool features it contains, and thanks for helping even more people to discover great mind map content at!

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