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Mind Map Showcase -Critical literature review template

Here's a closer look at one of our popular Education mind maps shared on Biggerplate.

We have Mikko Arevuo to thank for this upload, along with his 13 other mind maps shared on the Biggerplate Library. Mikko is a principal lecturer at Regent's University London, leading two generalist postgraduate management programmes: MA International Business and MA Management. He has also appeared as a guest speaker for our Business Club.

Mikko's work spans academia and business practice, with focus on facilitating managers to improve the quality of their decision-making processes, and mind mapping plays a big part in this.

Here is a mind map, created using iMindMap, which can be used as a template for undertaking a critical literature review either as a stand-alone study or a part of a dissertation.

A literature review is a systematic method for identifying, evaluating and interpreting the work of researchers, scholars and practitioners in a chosen field. Beginner researchers can be overwhelmed by the amount of data they have to work with during this process, and mapping can help them to synthesize key findings and represent the complexity of the research topic in a more manageable way.

Mapping techniques are useful at the very beginning of the literature review as a brainstorming and scoping tool. They come into their own again at the end with it comes to planning the write-up.

This mind map can be used as a guide for writing a literature review from closely related summaries and their reference sets. You can see the key questions for reflection and discussion on each branch, which are important for essay planning in general. Mikko's mind map allows you to find, read and summarise key findings from journal articles, books and working papers.

Equally, most mapping tools will allow you to include links to the relevant articles, or an abstract/summary.

Click here to see this critical literature mind map template, and check out the rest of Mikko's great mind maps!

If you have been inspired by Mikko's works, check out his Business Club webinar on our archive: Visual Mapping for better decisions.

This mind map was created using iMindMap. Click here to learn more about iMindMap, now with Biggerplate Integration!

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