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ConceptDraw on Biggerplate!

It's another landmark week for as we welcome the arrival of ConceptDraw MINDMAP 7 to Biggerplate, meaning ConceptDraw users can now share their mind maps within our ever-growing library!

Over the last 18 months we have had numerous requests to support ConceptDraw on, and both novice and expert mappers alike have been calling for the addition of this excellent software! Fortunately, we very much agree, and it's with great pleasure that we have started working with Olin Reams and the team at CS Odessa to bring ConceptDraw into the suite of supported mapping software on Biggerplate.

ConceptDraw MINDMAPThe CS Odessa team have done fantastic work in developing a genuine office suite of visual tools, with ConceptDraw MINDMAP sitting at the heart of this. The software enables you to create rich and clearly structured maps, and has an easy-to-use interface that is popular with experienced mappers and novices alike. When combined with the power of the overall ConceptDraw Office suite, the possible impact on your working world is significant, and well worth exploring!

If you'd like to give ConceptDraw a try, there is a free trial available here.

There's already a great selection of ConceptDraw maps building up on Biggerplate, and here's just a few examples for you to take a look at...

Strategic Business Plan: This ConceptDraw mind map template will help you consider the key aspects of a strategic business plan. Use this map with your executive team to brainstorm and clarify the details of your business strategy.

New Product Development: This mind map will help you with product development ideas and planning.

Porter 5 Forces Map: This is a mind map that allows one to assemble a Porter Five Forces diagram. This is a useful map for finding out what market forces are impacting your business. The second page of the map includes an example related to manufacturing.

Bringing ConceptDraw on board is yet another fantastic step for Biggerplate, and another clear signal of our intent to create the best source of mind mapping content and community in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting with Olin Reams of CS Odessa whilst on a recent trip to California, and I can assure you that he shares our vision for what Biggerplate can provide for mappers around the world, and for what our community can potentially become.

It's an extremely exciting time at Biggerplate, and we've got some more great stuff heading your way, including a new blog, and further development of our 'Groups' functionality. For now though, we're just enjoying the moment and welcoming ConceptDraw users from around the world to the Biggerplate community! We hope they will become active contributors to the mind map library, and we look forward to learning about how they are using mapping to improve their working world!

Wishing you all the very best.

Liam Hughes

Founder: Biggerplate

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