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Competition Winners - Early Christmas from Biggerplate!

After a great response to our recent MindManager 9 competition, we are delighted to announce the winners, now that they have all been contacted and sent their prizes (it took a little while longer than expected!!!) The winners were drawn at random from all those people who uploaded a mindmap to Biggerplate which then earned over 10 downloads during the competition period. We would like to thank everyone who submitted maps to the site during this time, and we hope you may all continue to add more maps to the site in the future (especially on the sparkly new version of our site which will be launching in January 2011!)

The winners of our MindManager 9 Super Bundle were:

Dietmar Sokowski for his map “BA Dashboard”.

Dietmar uses mind mapping daily for “just about every creative work I undertake, from business analysis, to project management, teaching, writing, and any kind of problem solving”. To help with this work, Deitmar is already putting the software add-ins to good use, and says “both add-ins are great and wetted my appetite for OPTi-Docs.” We could not agree more; the add-ins developed by great companies like Olympic Ltd really add a huge amount of value and functionality to MindManager, and we thoroughly recommend taking a look at the options available at their website here.

As for Biggerplate, Dietmar comments that “the creation of Biggerplate was a brilliant idea. It helps novices to mind mapping to get an easy start and it inspires ‘old timers’ to new approaches”. We certainly think this is one of the great things about a community like Biggerplate, and the new version of our site will certainly look to build upon the great foundations that have been put in place to help newcomers and old-timers learn more about how others are using mindmaps in different contexts.

Our second winner was

Joe Bradley for his map “How to improve the chances of a successful initiative”. After receiving his prize and experimenting with MindManager 9 and the software add-ins, Joe said “MM9 is great, easy to use and helping me everyday at work. I am creating maps specifically to organize different themes in source documents and Power Markers is helping me do that. The Opti-Suite tools link2attachment, topic2vertical and Map2left have added a lot of flexibility to my maps.”

Sounds like Joe’s mapping is about to reach new levels, and we hope he will be sharing some of his new maps and learning on Biggerplate in the future!

Our third software bundle went to Neil Auty. His map “My Work Manager” was the second to be drawn out of the hat. Neil says he is delighted to be “using the most up to date version from home and in front of work. Enjoying doesn't even begin to describe the feeling!”

Neil also has very kind words for Biggerplate and says “I have gained so much from Biggerplate over the years, competition prizes aside, and hope to contribute more to help others enjoy the benefits of mind mapping in the coming years. Thanks to all that make this community interesting and useful.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! Thanks Neil!

Our fourth software winner was Irene Boucaud for her map “NLP Representational Systems”. Irene thinks the design of MindManager 9 is “nice and clear, and with this new version, it is again easier to draw mindmaps. I now enjoy MindManager even more!” Credit must go to the team at Mindjet for once again pushing their software forward, and we look forward to seeing what they can do in the future, they certainly have one happy customer in Irene!

Irene concludes by saying “thank you Biggerplate for giving us the opportunity to share our mind maps. It is a great opportunity for learning and enjoying it. I am happy to have won the newest version of Mindmanager and will work on improving old mindmaps and creating more!”

We look forward to seeing the new and improved maps, and judging by the response to Irene’s maps on the site so far, we are sure they will be popular!

Our fifth and final winner was Sally Murfitt for her map “Project Management Dashboard”. Unfortunately we were unable to speak to Sally to see how she is enjoying her new software, but we reckon she’s probably a pretty happy person! Sally, wherever you may be, we hope you are having a great time with MindManager 9!

Of course, we also had five $50 Amazon vouchers to give away as runner-up prizes, and these have today been sent out to the following people, who get to enjoy a little early Christmas present from Biggerplate. Congratulations to the following people who won our runner-up prizes:

Andrius Zygman for his map “Personal Selling Guide

Nicolas Stampf for his map “Solution Focus

Wojciech Korsak for his map “KPI Sales Management Example

Keith Messner for his map “IT Annual Work Plan Template

Joel Larsen for his map “New Client Information Package

Each of our runners-up has contributed some great mindmaps to Biggerplate outside of the competition, and we thank them all for their continuing support and contributions.

So, that about does it. We got a nice warm feeling by giving some early Christmas presents out, and we now get our heads down and get on with some work to ensure the new version of Biggerplate is ready and raring to go in January!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Garrett Scott at Mindjet and Nigel Goult at Olympic for helping us put together such a great prize for our competition, and look forward to working with both organisations again in the near future for the benefit of the wider mind-mapping community!

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